There’s no doubt that the legal system is complex, and anyone who has had a brush with it would have probably engaged a lawyer in Sydney at one point or another. These legal professionals become necessary in dealing with most if not all elements of the legal system because of their expertise in researching, understanding, and interpreting legal precedent.

The quality of a solicitor is often a huge factor in how a case ends up going. The best lawyers know how to make compelling arguments and back them up in such a way that the other side is left speechless and without any way to counter.

There are some situations where the expertise of experienced lawyers is absolutely required. Some of these include:


the best divorce lawyer in Sydney meeting clients

Unfortunately, a significant percentage of marriages end in divorce. When these marriages breakdown, it’s is understandably a very tough time for everyone involved, but during this time, there are some legal questions that need to be answered.

Because people who get married agree to become a single legal entity, the assets they own are combined. If that union is going to be split, then the assets (and responsibilities) of each party need to be separated.

Contrary to popular belief, divorces rarely end in a 50/50 split of assets. The way it goes is far more nuanced than people expect, and that is why the best divorce lawyer in Sydney is absolutely essential during this process.

In this circumstance, solicitors will help their clients to reach a settlement with the other party, or if need be, represent them during litigation.

Suing for personal injury

If and when someone is injured and there is a question of liability, lawyers are often required on either side of the issue. For example, if someone is injured at work, then they may use a solicitor to help them argue as to why their employer is responsible and should pay for medical bills + time off work, while the employer may seek their own solicitor to argue against this.

If someone wants to sue a major corporation, they believe is responsible for their injury, they would absolutely require a lawyer to help them. However, in these circumstances the corporation will have its own team of high-profile solicitors, making it a real David v Goliath battle.

Corporate advisory

Of course, lawyers are essential for many organisations to protect their interests and ensure that everything they do is compliant with the law. For example, a company that was involved in extracting raw minerals might engage an environment lawyer to help them ensure that they did not break any environmental regulations as they went about their business.

Mergers and acquisitions

When a company agrees to merge with another company or acquire it through a purchase, there are legal considerations that need to be addressed. This process can be complex, and this is why corporate lawyers are engaged in this process right from the start to ensure that everything goes smoothly and there are no unforeseen delays.

Will and estates

Last Will and Testament

When someone dies, they normally have a last will and testament that is a legal document which sets out how they want their property to be divided. This document can be challenged if it is perceived as unfair, created under duress or undue influence, or has some other issue that might disqualify its validity.

In this situation, lawyers are engaged on both sides of the dispute to argue for or against the validity of a will. They are also engaged to act as executors of the will, meaning that they are relied upon to see that they will is property followed.