Road rules are there to keep us safe and in Victoria this is no different. So, if you are new to the roads in the south of the country, because you are an overseas visitor, or you are travelling interstate, make sure that you are familiar with all the rules of the road. You will want to avoid having to hire a traffic lawyer in Melbourne.

Doing some initial research into these laws will make your stay in the state a lot easier and ensure you don’t get into any trouble inadvertently. The penalties associated to certain crimes can be harsh and both time and money consuming to deal with. Those caught breaking the law may receive some points on their licence, have their licenced cancelled completely or may even have to go to court about the issue. If this occurs, get in contact with a local traffic lawyer in Melbourne who will offer you some advice.


Fines can be given to those who break certain rules of the road, including traffic and parking infringements as well as to those who don’t pay their toll charges before a certain time. They can be given you in numerous ways, in person or attached to your car, while also sent to you through the post. So, if you think you have broken the law in any way, keep an eye on the mail that you get just in case there is a fine hidden in there. Make sure you carefully read the instructions on any documents you are given. It is important that you pay them in time, as well as paying the correct amount. Be aware that fines can change yearly. If you need any help, a traffic lawyer in Melbourne will be able to assist.

Drink driving laws

As of this year, the penalties for driving drunk or under the influence changed. If caught doing either of these illegal activities it is imperative, you call a traffic lawyer in Melbourne to give you legal advice. If caught driving with an alcohol level at .05 or more, it’s very possible that you will get a fine and lose your licence. You may also need to take an alcohol rehabilitation course while having your car fitted with an alcohol interlock when you are allowed back on the roads. The severity of your penalty will be based on a few factors, such as how far over the legal limit who were, the type of licence you hold, how old you are and if this was your first offence.

If found with drugs in your system, you can be banned from the roads for a minimum of six months and complete a rehab programme.  If you need to dispute any charges, the help of a traffic lawyer in Melbourne will be needed.

Vehicle impoundment

A traffic lawyer in Melbourne can help you when it comes to vehicle impoundment. You may find yourself facing this problem if you have been caught driving in a way that is reckless and can put members of the public at risk. Repeat offenders will be punished harshly, while those driving at more than 45km/h over the speed limit, street racing or with passengers not wearing a seat belt could face having their car impounded.

If you find yourself in any trouble while driving in Victoria, a traffic lawyer in Melbourne will be able to give you some advice for your problem. It is best to take precautions when driving in the state and try to stay as safe as possible, so you never find yourself in an unwanted situation.