While many couples out there have heard of pre-nuptial agreements which can be legally created before a marriage, some may not know that they are able to create a post-nuptial agreement as well. This can be handy as circumstances can change e.g. the birth of children, or the procurement of a large asset, and so people will want to ensure that they are protected and have something in place in case of a divorce or separation. But as this is a request that isn’t asked for all too often, many people are unsure of who to go to for help when they are wanting to organise a post-nuptial agreement. This is where professional help from family lawyers in Sydney can come in to play. They are the specialists and experts of matters such as separations, divorce, child-custody battles, prenuptial agreements, the division of assets, same-sex marriages, and also post-nuptial agreements. Family lawyers in Sydney are able to help couples by tethering out what kinds of things they want to include in these binding documents as well as things they may wish to include to cover the future such as catering for more children. Seeking the help of family lawyers in Sydney can help many relationships as they feel safe knowing that no matter what happens, they are protected.

Family lawyers in Sydney can advise on the types of things that should be included

When it comes to these kinds of law-binding documents, couples commonly only have a small idea of the things that they want to include. These things are mostly to do with inheritance money that they want to leave their children, or child custody agreements. Family lawyers in Sydney are able to help couples get crystal clear about the things that should be included in such an agreement such as what will happen with assets and debts, what will happen with insurance policies, how any property involved will be split, and what will be covered in a will in the event of a death. Other things can include deciding on what will happen with income, if any spousal maintenance will need to be paid, as well as what will happen to any expected inheritance or winnings. It is also common for the parties involved to include a list of jointly owned possessions. Including such things in a postnuptial agreement is often the best way for people to feel safe and secure in their relationships moving forward, especially when they have experienced a nasty divorce in the past.

Family lawyers in Sydney can help advise on what will make an agreement valid

It is important that couples know that there are some circumstances where an agreement will become invalid. For example, both parties will need to be separately and independently advised by family lawyers in Sydney. Furthermore, both parties need to be entering in an agreement voluntarily, meaning one person cannot force another person into doing it. It is also important that everybody involved must disclose all of their assets and belongings truthfully. If someone has withheld important information, then it is likely that an agreement will be made invalid. On top of all of this, the postnuptial agreement will need to be fair. For example, if a couple has only been married for a short period of time, then it wouldn’t be likely that spousal maintenance would be involved. All of the characteristics and laws involved can be discussed with family lawyers in Sydney so that both parties are completely aware of what they are signing and getting themselves in for.