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Calling on child custody lawyers can feel like a big step to make when two parents are fighting for their rights.

There will be the feeling of obligation on both sides of the ledger and whilst no one wants to take a family conflict into the legal realm, sometimes it is the best case scenario.

These operators have the experience to find common ground, seek concessions, avoid a lengthy court battle and above all else – find a solution that is in the best interests of the son, daughter or children.

Here we will discuss the advantage of hiring these specialists for the case.


Presence of Opposition Counsel

Child custody lawyers can be hired for a spouse at any time and if an ex partner has access to one of these solicitors, that is a signal that the other party should be doing likewise. This is not a maneuver that is designed for aggressive posturing, it is a means of covering all bases and having a legal sounding board in their corner to make educate decisions and calls. When one side has this expert support as they work through the terms and conditions of the agreement, the other side is left vulnerable without that same access.


Fear For Child Safety

If there is an ex partner who is believed to be abusive, whether that is in a physical or emotional capacity, then it is paramount that a parent contacts child custody lawyers to ensure they can secure protection. These practitioners can deliver strict penalties and impositions that arrive in the form of restraining orders and visitation limitations. In extreme measures they can work towards a criminal case where an ex husband or wife is sent to prison for a proven case of child abuse or neglect.


Imposition of Specialized Terms and Visiting Conditions

Court rulings are not always black and white in these instances. A mother or father could be granted visitation and custody rights, but it could be contingent on an advisor being present or having to partake in anger management sessions, alcoholics anonymous or classes that focus on good parenting practice. Child custody lawyers have the ability to step into this breach and alleviate concerns by offering pushback on unwarranted terms and providing solutions and pathways that make these tasks appear achievable.


Managing Through Court Proceedings

Child custody lawyers help those clients who are new to the justice system and feel imposed upon by a courtroom environment. With the stakes incredibly high, there is always the threat for that tension to spill over as individuals become overwhelmed with a ruling. These experienced practitioners know how to manage these scenarios and can calmly walk through with their client what will happen, what to expect and what moves can be made following the proceeding.


Other Spouse Not Operating in Good Faith

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In many cases when an ex partner does seek child custody lawyers it is to cover their own status, but there are times when they will make aggressive moves to illustrate that they are not working in good faith. They will have made an executive decision internally that their ex wife or husband is not fit to see their son or daughter, irrespective of the facts of the case. If that is the scenario that plays out, it is their obligation to source legal representation and stand ground on matters of fact.



Amid changes to laws and regulations within this industry, child custody lawyers have to be updated on new policies that define their work. If they are a firm with a quality community reputation, then they will be a valuable asset to hire during a tense and fraught situation for the client. Any spouse who feels powerless or fighting a lost cause should open a dialogue with one of these experienced professionals and allow them to map out a plan.