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If you’re looking at securing the services of a criminal lawyer in Melbourne then you’re probably wondering what to expect. Working with a criminal lawyer in Melbourne can be daunting, so it’s always a good idea to do some research into what you can reasonably expect especially if you’re paying a lot for their services. Here’s what you should be looking for from your criminal lawyer in Melbourne.

A careful review of the facts of your case

A decent criminal lawyer in Melbourne should first start out by performing a comprehensive review of your case and all the relevant facts related to your case before they go ahead with forming a legal opinion and advising you on the likely outcome of your case. Reviewing your case is an important first step and often involves reviewing the charges that may have been brought against you or if you’re the victim of the crime, reviewing the facts about your case. It’s important for your level to look at possible issues in your case and whether the factual basis for your case is correct and solid. If you’ve been charged with something then they should look at whether or not the charges are legitimate and it should help them to work out whether or not they can get the case thrown out or what arguments they should come up with. Your criminal lawyer in Melbourne should not provide you with advice without properly understanding the facts of your case, this for instance could result in you accepting a bad plea deal or going to trial even if you shouldn’t. It’s essential that your criminal lawyer in Melbourne has a good basis of understanding of your case, this helps to ensure more favorable results.

The legal advice they provide should be unbiased

The legal review that your criminal lawyer in Melbourne conducts must be based on an entirely objective view of the strengths or weaknesses of the specifics of your case. Even if you’re guilty of something they are not supposed to have a biased view of how your case should be handled and must provide advice in your best interests. Many clients worry that their legal representative is not on their side, but they are not there to be your close friend or confidant, rather they responsible for providing you with factual advice about your case and the right guidance to help you make decisions about how you would like to proceed with your case. They may for example provide you with advice about whether or not to accept a plea deal, how you choose to proceed it up to you.

Getting the best deal on the table

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If you are guilty of committing a crime and choose to plead guilty then you can expect that your criminal lawyer in Melbourne will act in good faith to ensure that your interests are protected. This means trying to ensure they get the most favorable deal they can for you. They must try to get a deal with minimal penalties and prosecution for you. Your legal representative must try to get the most favorable sentence for you and if you have to plead guilty they must try to minimize the impact on your life and your future.

If you’re concerned that you’re not being well represented then it’s a good idea to seek a second opinion or try to raise your concerns with your current legal representation. Issues relating to crimes can be complex and can carry heavy penalties so getting good representation is essential.