There are times in our lives when relationships break down, even though there was no sign of this occurring from either party.


Bringing aboard a specialist family lawyer in Sydney can feel like the last thing either spouse wants to do, but there are moments when a partner needs to fight their own corner and achieve the best outcome they can for themselves and potentially their children.


General agencies might be able to identify certain opportunities and have a reasonable grasp of the issues at hand, yet it is the experts who have a background and history of these cases that can really ensure the best case possible.


Here we will discuss what you should be looking for when searching for a specialist family lawyer in Sydney.

Reducing Anxiety and Stress


One of the great intangible aspects that makes a quality specialist family lawyer in Sydney is the ability to reduce anxiety and stress in their client. By providing their client with immediate and up-to-date information on the case, the individual can be certain that their money is being well invested.

Domestic Violence Charges



Whether it be battery, assault or general intimidation, matters of domestic violence are being taken more seriously in a modern context. Here is where a specialist family lawyer in Sydney has an advantage over other barristers who have been occupied with external concerns over the years.


With public sentiment growing towards victims that have been living under serious physical and mental harm from domestic violence, specialised firms can curate a case where their client requires care and understanding from the court.

Wills and Property


When a deceased family member has left their goods and property behind, there can be tension deriding from the assets that are left behind. In the event that a will has not been formulated, a specialist family lawyer in Sydney who has knowledge of the local property market is a major benefit to resolving this issue. They can glean details from past records and documents exactly what should be passed on to other members to ensure that the process is fair and unbiased.

Same Sex and De Facto Relationships


Given that the laws have changed domestically to welcome Australia to marriage equality, firms have expanded their repertoire when it comes to same sex relationships. A specialist family lawyer in Sydney has a superior grasp to dealing with clients that have separated and are managing their process.


The same applies for de facto relationships, a scenario whereby evidence has to be put before the court to prove that two parties have been involved for a period of time. An average solicitor might be able to cite certain acts to a judge or jury, but a professional with years of experience can identify shortcuts and techniques to fast-tracking this process.

Child Abuse


In so many cases in this scenario, a child of a young age will be the victim of a parent of guardian who has abused them. Bringing aboard a specialist family lawyer in Sydney who has brought these people to justice is paramount to ensuring they do not get away with this nefarious activity again, all the while punishing them in the eye’s of the law for the crimes they have committed.

Creditors and Banks


Dealing with matters involving family and the law will often see creditors and banks referenced with evidence needing to be ceased for the case. A specialist family lawyer in Sydney will often have the right connections to see that the records are in order to avoid falsifying information or acting in a fraudulent manner.